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Fisher Ag Service began in 1975 by Butch Fisher flying a Bell 47-B1 helicopter. Almost five decades later, Butch has expanded his business to provide service to at least 35 counties in Ohio. That expansive task is accomplished with a fleet that includes the largest Air Tractors made; one 802, two 602’s and a 504, as well as two Cessna 188’s. Butch prides himself in making sure all of his aircraft are maintained, supplied with the most up to date GPS Systems and spray gear that is certified for precise applications.
In addition to the largest fleet in Ohio, Butch has the most experienced pilots in the area. With a combined 68 years of service, our team has the experience to provide accurate and timely applications that are second to none. Those pilots are supported by a knowledgeable ground crew that has been with Butch for the last 15 years. Even with the impressive credentials, what drives the business forward is the commitment to excellence by each employee. Butch built his reputation on the philosophy that he treats every field as if it was his own.

Aerial Application Services

Application rates as low as 50 lb up to 350 lb per acre.

The carrying capacity varies with the size of the aircraft in our fleet. The range is from 1,500 lb up to 5,500 lb per load.
Fisher Ag Service is the only operation in the state of Ohio that provides dry variable rate from prescription mapping. In addition to applying variable rates, we are equipped to apply fertilizer at a constant rate regardless of wind and ground speed for an even spread of your material.


Seeding application rates can be as low as 10 lb per acre of seed.

We can apply any pre-blended combination of seed and cleaned seed provides the most uniform deposition.
For best results, an early fall application is recommended.

Application rates range from 1 up to 5 gallons per acre with the standard Aerial Application of 2 gallons per acre.

Liquid Aerial Applications can meet all your crop care needs with the ability to apply Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizer and Growth Stimulants.
We utilize an up to date flow control systems on all of our Air Tractors to provide a uniform liquid application. All of our aircraft spray systems are tested and certified by NAAA Operation Safe Program. This testing process assures that the spray systems are calibrated for minimal drift and accurate crop treatments.
Our improved website provides an easy, free mapping system to communicate your application needs. It allows you to place your order online as well as track the progress of your order. The first step to our online mapping is to register an account and provide us with your contact information.
Once you have established an account, you can store an unlimited amount of maps on your account to be used year after year. The updated website will provide instructions and tips to walk you through the process of entering field information, mapping, chemical mixes, and orders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.